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Kalsooni Cards – Affirmations in Afka Hooyo

Kalsooni is the first ever deck of Somali-English affirmation cards.

52 Affirmation Cards & Picture Glossary
Collective Spirit of Community Honored w/ Double-Sided Cards – Kayga (Mine) and Kaaga (Yours)
Designs of Somali Textiles/Fabrics Incorporated
Fabrics Include Baati (house dress), Macawiis (sarong) & Traditional Alindi Patterns
Features Cultural Artifacts


By Anisa Hagi

Kalsooni cards were created by Minnesota-based linguist, writer, artist and teacher Anisa Hagi-Mohamed.

Community Cards

Kalsooni cards can be used in homes, schools, clinics, community centers, Masjids/Dugsis and more.

Created with an artist grant from the Waterers organization.

  •  I can see it’s a work filled with love. I really like the patterns too. Very true to form. It’s such a nice touch, Mashallah. I plan to keep them in my office at work. I am an assistant professor.

    Mulki (Minnesota)
  • We are so happy to be the first ones to get those cards. We played a game as a a family and it was funny and educational. I can’t wait for us to do it again and record it.
    Hamida H. (Minnesota)
  • I just wanna say as person who uses daily affirmations over the years and continue to do so to help me with my depression and anxiety that I’ve battled for years and continue battling...using self-affirmation is something that has helped me stay grounded....and now as a kid who grew up in the west and is diaspora, [I] get to challenge myself in learning phrases that have even more powerful meanings in our mother tongue than they did in English.
    Sister F. (Minnesota)
  • I think Kalsooni cards are unique, beautiful, well-designed and uplifting. I feel like if a person uses these cards for a while, they will find themselves loving who they are.
    Duraan (Minnesota)

Journal Your Journey with My Diasporic Diary!

Published in 2018, My Diasporic Diary is a reflective journal for members of the diaspora worldwide.

Divided into 10 Sections (Home, Culture, Love, Langauge, etc).

Better Navigate, Document and Discuss Diasporic Experience.

Signed by Author Anisa Hagi-Mohamed