Day 26: Lesson from the Little Ones

Asalamu Alaaikum

It’s almost 3:00am. I think something has spooked my son as he’s stirring in his sleep again. Some nights I watch him as he wakes from a restless sleep and proceeds to sit up for a few seconds to scan the dark room. Then he calmly re-positions himself and nods off again. His life, I think, is so uncomplicated. His biggest worry is when I will get up to prepare the regular breakfast of oatmeal or eggs with a side of fruit. Or when the next bottle of milk will be offered. Or when the next park adventure will be. The innocence and simple nature of children is something everyone marvels at. People frequently say, “If only I was a child again, I would have no worries and no responsibilities…I would be happy.” Or they lament at how fast their childhood went by and how stressful adulthood is. This is understandable. As adults, each passing day brings more obligations and tasks. It’s not easy adulting, I realize that. Even so, I wonder sometimes what prevents, us despite our full plates, from adopting the positive mindset and outlook of children?

Children wake each day with an optimistic attitude, ready to embrace the world. Ready to unleash their imagination and let their curiosity take them further than yesterday and the day before that. They hold no malice or anger inside their hearts for anyone, even those who hurt them, as their memory isn’t that long. They take every opportunity to smile and laugh and to make those around them do the same. They look for the good in people. They ask questions without hesitation, without fearing embarrassment or being viewed as ‘weird’. They don’t believe in cliques. They uplift those around them. Even if they cannot form the right words to console, their bright cheerful countenance is enough. They don’t mind routine and they are patient if life throws them a curve ball that totally changes the course of their day, month, or year. They are eternally patient, eternally grateful. Simple things amuse them. Lastly, they don’t judge the worth of those around them by material possessions. Rather, the ranks of those they love are determined by the love they share, happiness they bring and quality time they spend together.

SubhanAllaah children are amazing little beings. We have so much to learn from them, don’t we?

Stay tuned for more reflections!

Wasalaamu Alaiakum

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