Day 23: Downfall of the Deen-Driven [Part 2]

Asalaamu Alaaikum

This is a continuation of the last post which discussed some of the pitfalls faced by those who are newly practicing, those who I like to refer to as the ‘Deen-Driven’ Muslims. The last post dealt with three DONTS. This post deals with the opposite. Three things we should do in our new Deen journeys.

  1. Read, Listen, Learn & Repeat – Your first duty as a Muslim is to better yourself. To increase in knowledge about obligatory and supererogatory actions. In order to do this you have to be willing to read countless books, listen to lectures and attend the gatherings of the knowledgeable, among other things. One mistake newly Deen-Driven individuals make is that they read one or two books, or sometimes even just a couple of hadith, and suddenly they feel qualified to speak about the Deen. I’m not saying this to be condescending, honestly this is a trap we all fall into. Our zeal and enthusiasm for the Deen overrides everything. It’s important we keep ourselves in check and spend most of our time learning.
  2. Silence is Golden – To continue the previous point, another important aspect to consider is that ‘af-daboolan waa dahab’ – a closed mouth is gold. This is a saying that is common in many cultures and for a reason. If we are cautious of our speech, we will make less mistakes. This is not to say that we shouldn’t make Dawah and spread the beautiful message of the Deen to Muslim and non-Muslim alike. However, we should also be weary of asserting ourselves as leaders, speakers, etc if we are not grounded in knowledge. Instead we should look to a more qualified person in the community to take this position and we should humble ourselves and join those benefiting from their knowledge. It’s one thing to have an incorrect understanding about something, it’s entirely different if we spread that incorrect knowledge to the community. So instead of rushing to speak, we should be more willing to be silent and absorb the knowledge around us.
  3. Seek the Help of Allaah – Nothing is possible without the Help of Allaah. It was Allah who guided us to the straight path and it is only Allah that can keep us on it. We do not want to spend our whole lives worshipping Allaah only to become astray towards the end, and die in that state (subhanAllaah). We should constantly turn to Allaah for Help and Guidance. This will also help us to stay humble and steadfast, inshaAllaah.

I ask Allaah to make us from the righteous, those who hear and say the best of words and act upon them. Ameen

Stay tuned for more reflections!

Wasalamu Alaiakum

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