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Day 19: The reality of this world

Asalaamu Alaaikum Another tragedy has occurred in the world, adding to the already overflowing list. It seems like our news feeds are dominated by heartbreaking news to the point where we have become desensitized. In our minds, I know we are guilty of weighing events against each other making one less serious, less catastrophic, and […]

Day 18: “We found our fathers following…”

Asalaamu Alaaikum Alhamdulilah after a heatwave over the weekend followed by hailstorms, we’re experiencing beautiful weather today here in Minnesota. My son and I spent most of the day resting, grateful for the cool breeze blowing in through every window. Alhamdulilah. I thought long and hard about today’s post and several topics came to mind. The […]

Day 17: On Contentment (Ridhaa)

Asalaamu Alaiakum Today’s reflection is a blogpost I wrote four years ago. The topic is ridhaa or the Islamic concept of contentment. Contentment. ‘O what an excellent state to be in! May Allaah grant us contentment in all of our affairs. Truly the origin of everything is Allaah azza wa jal, so let us strive […]

Day 16: Half of Ramadan….Already Gone!

Asalaamu Alaiakum We are past the midpoint! Half of Ramadan has already gone by. It’s both a saddening and encouraging reality. It’s saddening because it means we are nearing the end, and who knows if we will reach another Ramadan or even complete the rest of this one. It’s also encouraging as it shows Allah’s […]

Day 12: “O you who are patient!”

Asalaamu Alaaikum There is a beautiful quote from Ibn Qayyim (rh) in his treatise on patience: “O you who are patient! Bear a little more, just a little more remains.” Though short, this quote is so comprehensive. It’s so reassuring to read especially in these times of fitna (tribulation). Many of us are facing internal […]

Day 10: Iftaar Reflection

Asalaamu Alaaikum Today’s Ramadan Reflection is being posted a little late. In fact, there is only half an hour remaining until midnight!  I was so preoccupied today with the little one and making a bigger iftaar than usual. Those who know me personally  know I love to cook. I love whipping up new recipes and […]