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Day 29: Reflections Compilation

Asalaamu Alaaikum, Eid Mubarak!! So we have reached the end, maashaAllaaah! I thought I would do something different for this last reflection! I have taken a few sentences from some of the previous posts (Day 1-Day 28) which include my own words as well as quotes, ayahs, hadith and more in hopes of creating a condensed, […]

Day 28: Home of the Masaakiin

Asalamu Alaaikum, Here’s another reflection I pulled from the Archives of Anisa. In it I compare modern day Muslims to righteous people from previous generations (the Salaf). I know it’s very easy for us to read narration after narration of the Salaf’s generosity, righteousness and steadfastness upon the Deen, but admittedly it’s not as easy […]

Day 26: Lesson from the Little Ones

Asalamu Alaaikum It’s almost 3:00am. I think something has spooked my son as he’s stirring in his sleep again. Some nights I watch him as he wakes from a restless sleep and proceeds to sit up for a few seconds to scan the dark room. Then he calmly re-positions himself and nods off again. His […]

Day 23: Downfall of the Deen-Driven [Part 2]

Asalaamu Alaaikum This is a continuation of the last post which discussed some of the pitfalls faced by those who are newly practicing, those who I like to refer to as the ‘Deen-Driven’ Muslims. The last post dealt with three DONTS. This post deals with the opposite. Three things we should do in our new […]

Day 22: Downfall of the Deen-Driven [Part 1]

Asalaamu Alaiakum This is a two-part post dedicated to a very important topic. It is especially pertinent as many Muslims, after having an incredible Ramadan experience maashaAllaah, will turn to the Deen and join the group referred to as ‘practicing Muslims’. This is of course a wonderful thing, it’s a miracle from Allaah that multitudes […]

Day 21: Got Manners?!

Asalaamu Alaaikum Do you know what the strangest (worst) combination is? A person who practices the Deen but has an awful character and/or bad manners. It just doesn’t make sense right? After all, good character and manners make up such a great portion of the Deen. You would think it would be a rarity to […]

Day 20: The Best of the Best!

Asalaamu Alaaikum Did we really reach the last ten days/nights? Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed this beautiful month. May Allaah accept all of our siyaam, qiyaam, ruku, sujood and duaa! Ameen. For the last ten days, I will focus on performing good deeds in general and the benefits […]